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Nayanah Siva: How Investigators Unravelled Europe's Biggest-Ever Fake-Medicine Scam »

The coffee shop was noisy, but Xu was intently focused on the American as he ordered eight shipments of Plavix, Casodex, Tamiflu and Aricept, a drug for Alzheimer’s disease. Xu was excited; his deep-set features relaxed a little. This meeting was going better than he ever imagined. He could, potentially, be making millions of dollars within weeks. He did not know that the quiet American was actually a special agent from ICE, and that some of his colleagues were busy videoing the entire exchange.

Wired UK || November 29, 2011

Shanta Barley: The Radical »

Researcher by day and activist by night, Joseph Harris was leading an untenable double life that eventually landed him in prison.

Nature News || February 23, 2011